The Culture of Beauty in Malaysia

Malaysia and Asia in general are often very concerned with looks and appearance. Many people opt for elective plastic surgery to improve their appearance and their outlook on life. They get any range of surgery from nose to eyes to skin. They do it all. Malaysia is one of the most popular places in the world to get plastic surgery. They have about one in five people getting at least one surgery. It is huge business. One of their tourist attractions includes medical tourism. Some agents specialize in helping clients find doctors in certain areas that will perform the surgery that they are looking for. This can be a medical surgery or a cosmetic procedure. In either case, people are attracted to the doctors in the area and are willing to spend time and money to travel. Many people report talking cosmetic vacations and returning home with a new face or nose. It is a new trend that appears will only continue.

Medical tourism agents in Malaysia should become patient navigators

Although Malaysia has long been the world’s capital for cosmetic surgery, this is no longer the case. Brazil has overtaken Malaysia as the beauty treatment and cosmetic surgery capital of the world. Also at the top of the list includes the United States if America. People in America have the desire and the resources to get surgery. They want to look like the movie stars that they deify every day and have the money to accomplish these goals. In Brazil last year, approximately 14.49 million cosmetic procedures were performed that was 40,000 more than the next contender. The reasons for this are that in Brazil, credit for plastic surgery has become much easier to attain. People van fund their treatments more easily. The top two treatments were silicon breast implants and liposuction.

Brazil overtakes US as cosmetic surgery world capital

There are many beauty treatment and aesthetic clinics in Malaysia. It may be hard to choose for the outsider. They may be intimidated by the sheer number of options. One place to start looking for the place that is right for you is the internet. You can look up places online and find reviews right there. People who have already used them will tell you honestly what they had done, how they did it and if they were professional, clean, and worth it. An easier way to start may also be to start with what procedure you want. If you know you want a nose job or breast implant, you can look for the highest reviewed places. Some clinics specialize in certain procedures or treatments. You would be better of going to a specialized clinic that will do a fantastic job thane cheaper clinic with lower rates. Remember that you are not alone and that you are not the only person who wants to have a procedure done or has had one done. You can always call or go in for a consult to see if you are comfortable and be walked through all the steps and have each and every one of your questions answered. The first step is having a feeling and then doing the research. Once you have made your decision, it is all downhill and everything gets easier.

Aesthetic Clinic – The Sloane Clinic Malaysia

People undergo cosmetic treatments for any number of reasons. They most always stem from insecurity. People dislike the way they look and want to have something done to change it. These ranges from any feature and may sometimes be a very minor detail but to the individual it may be entirely noticeable and unbearable. For this reason they seek to correct the perceived or actual problem. One recent case happened a few months ago. One woman was severely bullied when she was younger and as a result had to resort to a more masculine looking and tough appearance. She made herself to look intimidating. She looked more masculine to prevent the harm of others. Recently, she decided that she wanted to look more feminine. She underwent a few different procedures that made her look feminine. She wanted to get her life as a female back. This is one of the multitudes of cases that people have clinics done. There is one important thing to remember. These are permanent changes. You must be fully committed it the decision because it is not easily reversed.

‘Masculine’ girl undergoes plastic surgery to look more feminine